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According To Whim: Season 2

Welcome to the According To Whim: Season 2 Public Access show page. Season 2 was our attempt at a cohesive story with slight sketch-like elements. As Season 2 editing was inprocess we began shooting Season 3. Then the 'EVENT' happened. You can find out about it below. Anway, Season 2 was 95% shot and a couple of episodes were completed (edit-wise). You can see those below. We are working to get a full-length movie edited together so we can show off that finished product. Season 2 took place between 2010-2011.

The Videos:

Click here for our YouTube channel. Click on the According To Whim: Season 2 Playlist.

According To Whim: The Event:

Somehting awful happened that killed the original Season 3 and put the breaks on Season 2. Read about it here on our Blog. Backup Plan

According To Whim Season 2: Blog mania!

Much was written on our Blogger Blog for Season 2 (the Event as well as the work to fix and save the season). Read all about it starting here: Season 2 'Fix' Blog Post. All the posts are linked.