Sketch Comedy Without All of the Annoying Funny Stuff


Here's What the Critics Have to Say

"I wish I had been high when I watched it, maybe I would have understood it better!"
                                                                   -David Jewell, Miguel's Ex Co-Worker at Wal*Mart
"What?! Are you guys brain damaged?!"
                                                                   -Bill Stober, Producer/Star of The Dwight Williams Show
"If anything the show is original, and that can't be said for the majority of TV today. You look like you're having fun doing it, and I guess that's all that matters!"
                                                                    -Mark, Kim's Upstairs Neighbor

"It reminded me of a cross between the singular style Wayne's World and maybe a bit of meaning hidden behind pure senslessness, similar to that of the one and only Monty Python!"
                                                                    -Jacob Morris, A Viewer

"Ta cha! Pune yoo ni sai, Gi!
                                                                    -Nathan Stout, A 1 Nut Boy

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Sniffles(sniff!) is a sketch comedy type of show that is currently being shown on Fort Worth public access and on a couple of my friend's VCRs. So far the response has been fairly positive. We have gotten a couple not-so positive responses but we have quickly dismissed their messengers as humorless nags. If you have seen the show, please just email us to let us know if people are still watching us!

If you live in the Fort Worth area and subscribe to Marcus Cable, you can see the show Thursday mornings at 11am and Friday evenings at 8:30pm on Channel 46.

A Show History - Just about everything you could ever want to know about the show, how it started on through to the production horror stories.
Post Historical Events - What's been happening since the show history was written.
Pictures - Photos of almost everybody who's been on the show with a big stress on the almost.
Sniffles(sniff!)FAQ - Questions about the show we seem to get a lot
Reviews of the First Five Episodes - Provided by my roommate and fellow film student, Chris Switzer.
Become a Sponsor - Curious to see what Sniffles(sniff!) is all about, find out how you can get it in your town.
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