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Sniffles (sniff!)

"It was kind of funny!" - Kim Stice, Miguel's Girlfriend

"It's good...for amateur!." - Brandy Justice, Miguel's Friend Since High School

"It was something else. We did laugh though!" - Bonnie, Another of Miguel's Wal*Mart Co-Workers

"I enjoyed it!" - Jack, Yet Another of Miguel's Walleyworld Co-Workers and Bonnie's Husband

"I'm impressed!" - Gary, Brett Gardner's Father

"Very impressive!" - Jewel, Chris' Girlfriend

"It was good. It was really good!" - Sherry, Who Works at, Where Else? Wal*Mart.

"You guys have got your comedy down pretty good!" - Milton, the 8,378,475,243 Wal*Mart Associate Mentioned

"We liked it!" - Kim and Stephanie, Two Teenage Girls Who Live in the Apartment Complex Next to Brian's Whom We Met While Waiting Outside of Brian's Apartment While He Went to Pick Up His Girlfriend Kendra from Work.

"Is [the second episode] going to be better than the first?! - Bill Hutson, Kim's Neighbor Friend

"Those movies you and Chris make are stupid!" - Shirley Cruz, Miguel's Mother Eventhough She Hadn't Seen the Show At the Time

"It was better than I thought it would be!" - Shirley Cruz, After She Had Actually Sat Down to Watch the Show
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