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dragon of black pool - fort worth texas nathan stout
Star Wars

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Surprises In The Special Edition


     What can I say. Star Wars is the greatest! How many movies do you know that can be 20 years old and still be so popular? Kenner is making a fortune off the 20 year old movie license. Selling toys like the movie came out last month! Then to have the movie fixed up and re-released! Yikes! Talk about rollin' in the dough. That gives a clear indication as to the movie's popularity. 

Star Wars: Power of the Force Toy Line

Before we begin, let me say..I was a collector (with the intent to open everything), not a SCALPER!

Lets start with the first figures released in 1995:
Luke Skywalker: Yikes! Looks like Lukes' been hittin' the 'roids!
Princess Liea: Looks like she fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down!
Ben Kenobi: Pretty cool. Looks like him. Hard to stand up, though.
Darth Vader: He is here to PUMP! You up! Enough with the muscles already!
Han Solo: Someone needs to release the pressure in his chest before he explodes!!!
Chewbacca: Very nice.
R2D2: Wow! No sticker this time!
C3PO: Looks great! Now only if they would do U3PO (silver one).
Stormtrooper: You can never have enough stormtroopers!
Luke in Degobah outfit: Pretty bland but not as pumped up.
Han in Hoth outfit: Hard..to..stand..up!
Yoda: As cute as a little pie! Yhea, if you like wrinkled green muppet pies!
Lando: Check out the bell bottoms! Thats funny, in the movie he didn't have bell bottoms.
TIE Fighter pilot: Cool. One of my favs'. That helmet is soooo cool!
Boba Fett: Pretty cool. Boba, Boba, Boba, Boba, Boba, Say it several times and it sounds funny.
Luke in X-Wing suit: The figure is in the Hoth flight suit. The pic on the package is the Yavin one.
Han in Stormtrooper suit: This is a great figure. The arms are just suited for holding the blaster.
Deluxe Stormtrooper: Pretty neat backpack. Can use it for all sorts of stuff.
Luke in Corscant guard uniform: Fancy version of the emperor's guards. Helmet looks funny.
IG-88: Looks like a skinny robot.
Prince Xizor: Rather have my tounge stapled to the floor with a croquet hoop than talk about him.
Dash Rendar: Nice to have a new face in the mix. Don't care for the left arm (sticks out too much).
Biker Scout: Yikes! One of my favorite characters but.. Only looks decent on speeder bike.
Han with carbonite slab: Pretty bland. Arms look like they were blue and then painted over.
Liea as Boushh: Looks like the old figure. Pretty nice though. At least the face looks improved.
Swoop Bounty hunter: In my opinion this is one of the coolest figures! I wish every figure was articulated at the knees. Cool suit. Looks cool standing or sitting on swoop (unlike speeder scout).
Luke in Jedi outfit: Check out his Star Trek boots! Legs too far apart. Still looks like a monkey.
Chewbacca as Snoova: Pretty neat lookin'. Better than plain old chewy.
Greedo: Nice detail on face. Don't like the pink jacket and shoes. These are on the new Green cards. They really look nice. Classy!
Death Star Gunner: Pretty good for a background figure.
Sandtrooper: Ah.... aren't Stormtroopers great?
Sandpeople: Take off his rags and he looks like a mummy!
R5D4: Please! I got out the fingernail clippers as soon as I got this one home! Clipped off the guns on the legs and the plastic bit in between the feet. He looks fine now!
Hammerhead: Looks better with the jacket off.
Luke in Stormtrooper suit: This is the way the original Stormtrooper should have been! Perfect!
Jawas: Pretty cute! Barf!!!! Neat that there are 2 in every package. Cool light up eyes. Utinni!
Luke Skywalker in Hoth Uniform : Pretty nice sculpt. They are getting better and better. Just compare the Han in Hoth to the Luke in Hoth.
Hoth Trooper: Again, nice sculpt. I especially like the backpack.
21B Medical Droid: Those have to be the worst looking legs on any figure.....ever! Oh well, MORE DROIDS!!!!!! Just like Storm Troopers, you can never have enough droids! Paint him black and you have an Imperial Medical Droid!
Bossk: This is the gem of this release. Nice detail! An excellent figure!
ATST Driver: Blah. Not much here. At least he has a vehicle for him to hide in. ;)
S'more coming soon.
Han Solo in Endor outfit: Paint his coat brown and BAM! you have Deckerd for Blade Runner!
Lando in Skiff Guard disguise: Pretty bland figure, not much here, Looks better with mask on.
Bib Fortuna: Most detailed figure of this assortment. Looks like Jedi Luke's clothes underneath the cloak. Bib's hands look like a comic character. Little arms and big fingers.
C3PO Carrying Case: Here's a tip, take a little bit of paper and wrap it around the pegs of the black plastic figure holders, this will keep the holder strip things form falling out on their own, spilling your figs every time you open the case.
Dengar: Talk about a geek! Does this guy look like he could be in the middle of a cool action scene? I don't think so!
Grand Moff Tarkin: Yippie! Rapture! I hope they make more officers.
Ponda Baba: He looks a lot less like a carrot (like the old fig.) now.
ASP Droid: More like ASS droid! Does this figure even look like it belongs in the Star Wars Universe? Me thinks not!
Emperor: Oh yhea! You gotta have the supreme benevolent leader of the galaxy! Oops, there's that darn Imperial conditioning again!
Garudian: Not that wonderful. Neat little comm sculpted into his hand. What kind of spy is this?! He would STICK out in a crowd like...like.....someone who would stick out in a crowd.
Ronto and Jawa: bla!
Dewback and Stormtrooper: Its pretty neat. The sand/dirt detail on the ST doesn't match the sand/dirt detail on the regular Sandtrooper.
Han and Jabba: The Han is ok, but I DO NOT LIKE that nasty looking Jabba. I'll wait until the Jedi Jabba comes out thank you.
Millennium Falcon Carring Case: Wedge looks ok, just a Luke body with gray in the place of the off white.
Han in Bespin clothes: Finally a cool looking Han Solo Figure!
EV9D9: Skinny robot, good for....nothing. Not built for action.
Yak Face: Where is this dude's shoulders?!
Gammorean Guard: Nice sculpt. Heaviest figure yet!
Rancor Keeper: Watch out Luke, here's...this....fat....guy. Oh well, he's a nice background fig.
Snowtrooper: Cool! Wish they would do this with the speeder bike scout.
Nien Numb: This dude is short. Well, now I can have him and Lando flying the Falcon.
AT-AT Walker: COOL! This takes me back to the good ol' days! They should have had the head lasers work like they did with the old AT-AT, oh well. Neat sounds, but the 2 figures......sheesh! Both looked like they were painted by a blind guy. The commander look really stupid. Whoever sculpted the head MUST have been an armature! Its SOOO BIG! Expensive too.
Ceremonial Luke Skywalker: New face sculpt? Jeez, just when I had finally gotten used to the old one. Now I have to get used to "I got my nose broken" Luke Skywalker.
General Lando Calrissian: JEEEEEZ!! How far apart do his legs need to be???!!!!!!!
Bespin Luke with removable hand: Cool fig. He looks cool and you can put his saber in his removable hand and position any way you want!
Ewok Village Liea: She looks like........a woman!
Rebel solider in Endor clothes: Don't care for that arm position.
Sale of the Droids 3 Pack: Wahooo!!!!!! They got it right!!!!!! This is THE BEST C3PO figure EVER!!!!!! Cha-ching!!!! Bingo. Luke is finally looking like a human! I cant say much for old Owen, although he needs to cut back on frosting his hair. Te he he.
Final Jedi Duel: Wahooooo!! Emperor with "sitting-on-his-throne" action feature! The only thing that stinks about that is that the throne is stuck to the cinema base and can't removed. Darth is shorter also. Compare him with any of the other Vader's and he looks like Darth's younger brother, Garth Vader.
Removable helmet Darth Vader: This is the best Darth Vader yet! He even has an elbow and wrist joint!
Captain Piett: Wahooo! Another officer!
Ishi Tib: Oh boy. Well at least he is not as bad a the A.S.S. oops, I mean A.S.P. droid.
Zuckuss: This is one of the best detailed figures kenner has put out yet. His armor (underneath his cloak) rocks too!. He is a little pipsqueak though! Not a very imposing bounty hunter.


Return of the Jedi Special Edition


Heres the things I noted were different. if I missed something, let me know.One thing I would like to say in beginning, I was more disappointed that more wasn't done to enhance the movie's bad effects. They didn't seem to care to do to much to this one.

  • Added sound effects here and there.
  • In Jabbas palace there were about 3 or 4 added shots with Bob Feet walking here or there or flirting with the dancers in the band. The flirting bit completely changes the preception of the character. Here is Boba Fett, always standing, watching, keeping a keen eye out for anything unusual. THEN all of the sudden, Boush walks in (a dangerous bounty hunter) and Bobas' charming the girls. WHAT'S UP WITH THAT?!! Has Boba lost his senses! He ALWAYS has an eye out for danger and here his is caught off guard flirting with that alien woman. _____Sorry, this little scene just upset me.
  • Anyway, the old song by Sly Snoodles is removed and another is added as well as new footage of the band and singers. In my opinion, all they needed to do is replace Sly with a digital stand in and that's it. They didn't need to do all this. I really didn't care for it anyway. It was over too quick as well. No need for it.
  • One of my biggest disappointments is the Rancor scene. They didn't fix it!!!!!! It still looked awful!
  • The Sarlac Pit now has tentacles and a mouth that move about. I like this addition. Especially when Lando is on the rim of the pit and you can see the mouth come up behind him. It really added suspense to the shot. I really like the mouth coming up and grabbing the guys that fall into the pit! There is one part about the pit that I didn't like, When they first showed it, they did a zoom in and you could really tell it was computer generated.
  • In the final battle they didn't fix the "appearing" TIE fighters. I hate that! When all those TIEs are flying around in battle some of them just appear. You would think that they would have fixed that.
  • When the TIEs are pursuing Lando and his team in the super structure of the Death Star, there are some awful matte squares around a couple of the TIEs that they didn't touch! Shame shame!
  • By the end of the movie I was disappointed with all that they "didn't" do. But,,,,,the final scenes made me forget all about that (at least for awhile). I love the change!
  • First, everything goes normal until the X-Wings make their flyby and launch fireworks. This is where the Ewok music begins in the original. Instead of Ewok music there is another music played. The only way I can describe the music is that is has feeling. Its quite good. The fireworks stay and the background changes. We are now at Cloud City seeing literally thousands of people celebrating the destruction of the Empire. Then we pass a structure and the scene changes to Tatooine. Everyone is out in the streets having a good time. Then we see Courscant and there are millions celebrating. Then we see night time and the whole place is lit up and we hear thousands cheering and celebrating. I always have doubts about the prospect of CGG becoming common place in films, but after seeing theses scenes, doubts are erased.
  • We no go back to Endor and see a new scene of Ewoks playing some weird instruments (horns I think). There is another new scene showing a lot of Ewoks and Pilots dancing around big fires and such. Then the original footage begins again. The new music stays and the movie ends like it originally did. One thing though, the original Ewok music turned nicely into the Star Wars theme after the movie ended. The new music doesn't do quite as well. But oh well!

Empire Strikes Back Special Edition
Here's the things I noted were different. if I missed something, let me know.
  • All throughout the movie were added sound effects, as well as some great surround sound stuff. the squares around ships are gone as well as (most) of the "see thru" ships.

  • I did notice that on scenes where special effects were added (original effects) the quality of the film was poor. So poor in fact that it distracted me. I didn't notice that in A New Hope.
  • There were details added to some explosions form ships and blasters.
  • The first new thing I saw was the Wampa scene. It looked odd though that after Luke cuts off the Wampa's arm, they show the arm on the ground (original footage) then they show the Wampa screaming with it's arm cut off AT THE SHOULDER. His arm lying on the ground only looks like its long enough to be his forearm. (Thanks Wade) Also, the new stuff here looked pasted in. Lastly, when Luke is running out of the cave you hear his lightsaber turning off...but its still on!
  • When Luke was fresh out of the Bacta tank 3PO remarks that he is looking well. There is a new line added here. Luke is off screen and he says: "Thanks 3PO."
  • When Darth Vader is standing on the bridge of his Super Star Destroyer the window he stands in front of was lighter that the matte painting windows right next to him. This was color corrected and looks nice. This was always one of my favorite matte shots.
  • When Wedge's Snow Speeders is circling the AT AT wrapping it up with a tow cable, There is are couple of couple of shots where the cable has been replaced with a computer generated one. You can see this best when the cable is rippling.
  • When Luke is on Degobah, I noticed some added and changed dialogue from Yoda.
  • When Han and Co. escape the Impreials by floating away with the garbage and Bobba Fett starts after them, There is a new shot of Bobba's ship following the Falcon. the ship flies right past the camera. Nice!
  • Bespin is the Biggest change in the movie. It was really well done! All except one bit (read on). First the gas containers floating in the sky around the city. Then the fly through of the Falcon. At this point, another one of my favorite matte shots - The landing pad. Next, almost all the interior shots of Bespin have added windows where you can see this bustling city going about it's day. One matte has been removed and CGG added - The scene where Liea is pacing back and forth in her quarters. we see her from out side the window. A really big city shot showing a train looking thing as well as hundreds of people moving about really make Bespin into a real city.
  • Luke's X-Wing being brought out of the swamp by Yoda is color corrected.
  • When Lando and Co. are fleeing from Stormtroopers and going to stop Boba, they run through a hall. Now, the wall of this hall has been removed and a large window has been placed their so you can see Slave 1 on the platform. This is the only bad effects shot on Bespin. They had to digitally remove the background/wall form the actors running. There is a funny outline around them now. I looks as if they were cut out of the frame and pasted onto another one. This as I said is the only bad Bespin shot. All the other "cut outs" look good.
  • When Luke fighting Darth he walks into that hall/room where he is sucked out of the window, that weather vane thing in the Bespin core that he goes in...there is a new scene showing him walking around the side of it and then into it. Confusing eh?
  • When Luke drops off the vane in a plunges down the core he is color corrected (the one thing I wanted most in the movie) also he now screams all the way down now.
  • When Darth says "Bring me my shuttle" that was taken out and he says something superfluous like "Tell my Star Destroyer I am leaving in my shuttle" or something close to that. I thought - geeze what was the point of that stupid line? My Star Destroyer and My shuttle.
  • The next scene shows a Tydirum shuttle taking off and landing on the bay of the Star Destroyer. A cool scene. The GCC shuttle and bay looks great! He (Darth) then leaves the shuttle. At first I thought - they shot a big new scene! Cool! Then I noticed the familiar Officer at the bottom of the ramp. he was talking but there was no sound. This is, I believe a scene form ROTJ that got left on the cutting room floor. Its more than likely the scene where Darth arrives on the 3rd Death Star and the officer says: "Lord Vader, this is an unexpected pleasure."

Star Wars Special Edition
     Here's the low down........   It felt so odd watching this movie in the theaters. I'm so used to seeing it on my T.V. instead. The main things I saw were....
  • Added sound effects here and there.
  • New footage of the sand crawler rolling along the desert.
  • The Stormtroopers and their dewbacks looking for the droids at the escape pod.
  • The scene where Luke is talking to C3P0 about not going out to look for R2 because it was too dark. Before, you could tell that those shots were filmed at different times near dusk. Now it all has been color corrected so every shot matches.
  • Obi-Wan's house (outside) is new.
  • Most aspects about Mos Isley. New stuff everywhere.
  • The Shevistine Wolfman is completely gone! There are 2 new monster in it's place!
  • Han shooting Greedo. Don't care too much for that.
  • The Han and Jabba scene. Boba Fett in the background. I still don't like the new Jabba.
  • The escape from docking bay 94
  • The explosion of Alderran.
  • Alot of CCG ship flying scenes here and there.
  • Removal of 'cutouts' around ships.
  • When Han and Chewie are yelling and running after the stormtroopers on the Death Star, when the Stormtroopers turn around and start chasing Han and Chewie...behind the turned Stormtroopers there is a BIG bay with TONS on Stormtroopers standing at attention. A few look towards the ruckus that Han, Chewie, and the Stormtroopers are making.
  • The landing on Yavin 4
  • The reunion of Biggs and Luke. This caught me off guard. Its brief but basically shows Biggs and Luke embracing and telling each other good luck and nice to see each other and such.
  • The take off of the ships from Yavin 4.
  • Most of the ship's dog fighting at the Death Star.
  • The explosion of the Death Star. I love that LOUD shockwave after it blows up!
  • The award ceremony...They replaced the REALLY HORRIBLE matte painting of several officers with real people! Thank goodness.

The Thing I didn't care for.....

  • The sound (character dialogue) was still funny sounding. As if it was recorded in a studio.
  • They didn't replace the lightsaber blades. Those should have been replaced.
  • Since some of the ships were computer generated, the ones they left from the original stuck out like a sore thumb. They should have replaced them all.
  • They didn't fix all the coloring problems...sometimes the hue would be off and such.

NOTE: Check out the scene on the Death Star where the Stormtroopers open up the room where Luke, Han, ect.. are at when they discover Princess Liea is there. When the Stormtroopers open the door, they all walk in... Look at the Stormtrooper on the far right. When he comes through the door is too low and he hits his head on door!!!!!!

Star Wars Special Edition

     Well, its almost here! I have waited from day one way back when it was first reported in the Lucas Film fan club magazine. If it came tomorrow, it wouldn't be soon enough. I practically bought the Lucasarts Archives vol. 2 for the Making Magic CD-ROM alone. I must say I'm disappointed with the way Jabba looks. O.K. its a couple of years before ROTJ and he might be a bit thinner, but jeez!

     The scene where Greedo fires his gun at Han before Han shoots him is pointless as well. Come on! A bounty hunter is sitting point blank range with his hand resting on the table and he can't even shoot the person sitting right in front of him? Whatever. I also noticed that Han says almost verbatim the exact lines to Jabba as he says to Greedo. Oh well, I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth (is that how the saying goes?). Every thing else looks great!

Star Wars Computer Games

     I am a loyal servant of the Empire! I can't get enough of TIE Fighter! Defending the just rule of the Galactic Empire! All hail Emperor Palpatine!!! X-Wing is O.K. but after tasting TIE Fighter I couldn't go back. Can't wait for TIE Figfhter Vs. X-Wing! Rebel Assault and Rebel Assault 2 are Cool. Talk about a big production! Although the actors were bad (in 2) the games were entertaining. I especially liked the cut scene (in 2) when Rookie-one escapes the Imperial base in the Correlian ship. That looked real! My favorite level is the asteroid fly through. Those are the best looking asteroids ever! It looks like they are real! Dark Forces... move over doom! A game with Doom's style but set in the Star Wars universe...... unbeatable! Looking forward to Jedi Knight. Check out the Anime, Pc, and Video game area too.

I saved the Empire!

     One day while I played TIE Fighter and the Emperor was taken hostage! As if. Anyway, Darth and me fought our way across the galaxy in the TIE Advanced and I saved the Emperor from the traitors! I think that was the supplement Defender of the Empire, although I could be wrong. I just love getting rid of the scum of the universe! Long live the Empire!

Star Wars Computer Game Codes

Dark Forces: Cheat codes. Type in these codes anytime during play.

LABUG - Insect Mode
LADATA - Displays coordinates
LAMAXOUT - Gives you everything
LAPOGO - Super Jump
LARANDY - Weapons Super Charge
LAUNLOCK - Gives you all items

Rebel Assault: Level Codes. Enter these in the Password area.

Anoat - This is the Hoth level. In the cave choose the path. left, left, right, left, left.
Yuzzem - Yavin level.
Beep in
Biggs - Star Destroyer level.

Rebel Assault 2: the Dark Empire: Level accessibility codes.


TIE Fighter Tip.

When you have to take on a large ship and you have torpedoes; before you get close to it target it and use the comma (,) key to cycle through all the gun turrets on the ship. Don't wait until the torpedoes hit their target. Just fire one then right away target another turret and fire. Doing this will get rid of alot of the big ship's guns before you even get close!

Star Wars Customizable Card Game

     I have wasted a ton of cash on this game. At first I tried to complete a set. HA! After 2 and a half boxes I was still about twenty cards short of a set. Sheesh! I gave up and took those cards and made some pretty good decks with them. This is a good game. I get very tense and nervous when I play against my friend. Our decks are about equally powerful. It makes for intense game play! My favorite card (that I have) would have to be the effect; K'lor Slug. It lets you use 1 force to raise your power total by 1 for each unit of ability you have at a battle. So, if you have a total ability of 22 you can raise your total power to 44 (if you have 22 force activated to spend). Cool!

Star Wars Books

     I haven't read that many Star Wars books so this isn't a long area. Shadows of the Empire was O.K. I guess it was actually a bit disappointing considering all the hype surrounding it. It just seemed like another book, nothing special.

Heir to the Empire was good. At first I had my doubts. Everyone was saying it was good and at the time I wasn't interested. Later I got around to reading them and I really enjoyed them. They keep your interest.

Truce at Bakura....eeek! Talk about a let down. I have nothing more to say about it.


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dragon of black pool - fort worth texas nathan stoutdragon of black pool - fort worth texas nathan stout
dragon of black pool - fort worth texas nathan stoutdragon of black pool - fort worth texas nathan stout