dragon of black pool - fort worth texas nathan stout
dragon of black pool - fort worth texas nathan stout
Red Dwarf

Red Dwarf is soooooo funny! Thank goodness for public television! My friend Wade introduced me to Red Dwarf at work. When we worked in K-Mart in the electronics department, he would put Red Dwarf on the 20 or 30 TVs they had there. After watching a couple of episodes, I was hooked. I especially enjoy the earlier episodes. Many people don't like them because they are really low budget and almost solely character driven. That's why I like them so much. Past season three the comedy and character development is toned back to make more room for sci-fi themes. I like the episodes less and less as proceed through to the end of the sixth season. I hope the show gets better. My favorite episode is Marooned. It has the perfect blend of sci-fi and character interaction.

Red Dwarf 1   
                 1. The End           
                 2. Future Echoes          5. Confidence and Paranoia
                 3. Balance of Power     6. Me2

     This is where it all began. This low budget space comedy unknowingly would become super-popular. The cheesy sets, the sometimes horrid sound recording (which continues on through season 5), the ultra sloppy Lister. I love it! This and the 2nd and 3rd seasons are my favorites! 

How'm I lookin'?    Arnie, the Kung Fu master!


Red Dwarf 2
             7. Kryten                                10. Stasis Leak
            8. Better Than Life                 11. Queeg
             9. Thanks for the Memory   12. Parallel Universe

     This season has so many funny parts! "Androids. Everybody needs good androids." He he he! Better than life was hilarious. "Arrrrnooooold where are the nappy sacks?" Thanks for the memory had a strange ending. Stasis Leak showed the first real "goof up" as far as Lister's quest to get home was concerned. In this episode he could have stayed in the past and got off the ship for good, but then, we wouldn't have a show anymore. :) Queeg was wonderful. It seem that Grant Naylor tried to have an episode centered around each character in this season. Holly pulling one of the best jokes EVER. I would have died if I had to live for the rest of my life under Queeg! That was good. Parallel Universe was of course the first appearance of the female Holly and the alternate Red Dwarf crew. As you have noticed, these first two seasons have had little Sci-Fi in them. they are mostly about the people on Red Dwarf. That changes in season 3 on.......

Yes Mr. Lister Sir!   Duke!

Red Dwarf 3
                  13. Backwards        16. Body Swap
                  14. Marooned         17. Timeslides
                  15. Polymorph        18. The Last Day

     It is hard to say which is my favorite season, but if I had to give an answer it would be season 3. "Wait a minute. I never used to be a man!" He he he! Backwards was the very first Red Dwarf episode I had ever seen. The Last Day was a riot. "Its Marlyin Monroe!" "Its a robot kit." "She's a robot?! You're kidding!"

Holly, patre the seconde.   Trans am wheel arch nostrils

Kryten! Unpack Rachel and get out the puncture repair kit!   Bye bye Sabria. Back to our own time.

Red Dwarf 4
                  19. Camille          22. White Hole
                  20. DNA               23. Dimension Jump
                  21. Justice          24. Meltdown

Red Dwarf 5
                  25. Holoship        28. Quarantine
                  26. Inquisitor        29. Demons and Angels
                  27. Terrorform     30. Back to Reality

Red Dwarf 6
             31. Psirens                                    34. Emohawk
             32. Legion                                     35. Rimmerworld
             33. Gunmen of the Apocalypse  36. Out of Time

Red Dwarf 7
             34. Tikka to Ride        38. Heartache
             35. Stoke me a Clipper     39. Beyond a Joke
             36. Ouroboros             40. Epideme
             37. Duct Soup             41. Nanarchy

     I must tell you , I was expecting the worse here. I have heard a lot of bad stuff about season 7. I have been pleasantly surprised. Its not that bad! Better still, it pretty good. Maybe its that cinematic look of the new type of camera they use, or the computer generated special effects. Or maybe its because there is more original material than last season. Sheesh! Season 6 was nothing but old material redone again. Of course its not as good as seasons 1,2,&3 but its pretty fun to watch. I think that the focus of the show has changed as well. Its no longer 'try to get back to earth', its bum around the universe and have a laugh. I guess.

Red Dwarf 8

     WOW! This series REALLY caught me off guard! Its GREAT!!!!!!!!





dragon of black pool - fort worth texas nathan stoutdragon of black pool - fort worth texas nathan stout
dragon of black pool - fort worth texas nathan stoutdragon of black pool - fort worth texas nathan stout