Nate's Paleontology page

The Jones' Dig Site 

The Jones' site is used by The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History and SMU. We gather every once in awhile and do some digging. 

These pictures are from two digs. November 1997, and April 14, 1998. Lets begin with November....

This view is looking down on the main digging area in November. Several sauropod vertebra are in this old dried up river bed. The main goal of course being the holy grail of paleontology, the skull! Just below and to the right of the yellow bucket is half fossilized tree trunk. The large chunks are vertebra still half encased in earth.

This is a view of the same scene, but farther back. The white thing in the bottom left corner are a couple of vertebra that we plastered that session. The really large block that's in the middle of the picture is a covered chunk of earth with many bones in it. It will be taken back to the lab and carefully worked on. 

April 4th, 1998


This is the road leading into the digging are on the Jones' property. The site was discovered in the 1930's and has been meticulously excavated for the past sixty years. The pic on the right is a distance shot of the area. The white tents cover area that is pictured in the November 97' pics.


Here is another distance shot at another angle. Its hard to see, but Jim Diffley and his crew are trying to get the large block (pictured in the 97 photos) ready for shipping back to the lab. The Jones' site lies just off the Plauxy river. While taking a break I went down to the river and shot this pic.

This pic is of the area I worked on in April 98. The little depression on the far left is mine. My exploratory digging produced nothing this time. Darn! By the way, the covered rock is the plastered vertebra pictured in the 97' photo above.