An introduction and my story. 

     Hero Quest is a (very light) role-playing/board game that was released in 1991 by Milton Bradley. It was created in cooperation with Games Workshop. Games Workshop is known for their fantasy battle and dungeon adventure games. Hero Quest was the "made for the general public" version of GW's Mighty Warriors. Games Workshop then made Advanced HeroQuest, then the most recent version of the game, Warhammer Quest. The games are somewhat similar but Hero Quest uses a pre designed game board and the others utilize random dungeons. Hero Quest was also a tied into another Milton Bradley/Games Workshop game called Battle Masters. This game did not take place in dungeons as Hero Quest but it envolves fantasy battles over different country sides. Battle Masters is a simplified version of games Workshop's Warhammer Fanatsy Battles. Battle Masters and Hero Quest share the same characters (Orcs, Goblins, Chaos Warriors) and some of the rules are the same (the attack/defend dice).
     Why is this webpage here? I have really enjoyed this game from the first day I played it waaaaay back in 91. I picked this game up at the Kmart that I worked at and we decided to give it a shot. I can still remember seeing the stack of Hero Quest games on the end-cap in the store. There must have been 40 games sitting there. I remember one day (while I was working in electronics) taking a razor and carefully cutting open one of the packages so I could take a look at the contents of the box. Ahhhhh............... Anywho, we got the game and started playing. We could only play on the weekends and the it took us awhile to finish the 14 dungeons that came with the game. I later found the 2 expansion packs (Kellar's Keep and Lair of the Witch Lord) on clearance at a Walmart so I grabbed them up quick. The expansion packs had 10 quests each and also came with some more minatures. We played and played until our dice were worn almost completely out. When we played we would listen to the soundtrack of Army of Darkness. The music is a perfect mood setter for the game (I highly reccomend it!). I wrote on the first quest book the date that we started playing and the day we finished all the quests. Including several quests we made ourselves, it took us just over a year to finish Hero Quest.

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HeroQuest Instructions and Quest Maps (Thanks to the Hero Quest Newsletter)

Hasbro has posted PDF versions the instructions and all the US quests on their website.

US Version Instruction Manual
Main Game Quest Book
Kellar's Keep
Return of the Witch Lord
Barbarian Quest (Frozen Horror)
Elf Quest (Mage of the Mirror)

Click Here for the Archived Hero Quest Newsletter!
                               Click Here for the Archived Hero Quest Newsletter!                                  


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