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Me and my friend Eric started to make comics in high school during class. We would pass these notes/comics to each other and so the comics were born. Below you will see the fruits of my efforts. You will note that the quality of the drawings get better as you get further down the list. Check in the bottom right hand corner of the comics to see the date they were drawn. The comics are listed below in chronological order (of when they are drawn, ALMOST!). My greatest achievement (in my opinion) is the Pirate Island 1 comic series. I also am proud of the Adventures comics where the action takes place in a K-Mart (my old workplace). There are many misspellings, so don't get your shorts in a knot. Enjoy! P.S. I suggest starting out with Pirate Island or Adventures. Also, 'what does G.C.C. stand for.....?' You'll just have read them all to find out! Mwa ha ha ha!
Rick Ranger: American Super Force
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Rick Ranger: Adventures
Rick Ranger: Origins
Pirate Island
Pirate Island 2
Ivan and Vikowski Adventures
Super Spy / Super Spy 1941
Sketches and Drawings

Here's a comic I did recently. It stars me and 2 friends as we 'talk' about doing segments for our public access TV show. It details how we usually wind up talking about it, but never doing it. *Note this has harsh language in it.

[Apathy wins again!]

Here is a Rick Ranger comic I did completely by cutting and pasting in Photoshop. Its part 1 of 3, if you want to see the rest, email me and I will post it.

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Comics of noteworthiness:
Adventures # 13 "Floss Wars" Special Edition
Adventures # 10 & # 15"Adventures in K-Mart"
These are based on actual events.
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