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Fort Worth, Texas - Video Production and so much more.. invest in the future!

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ATW Productions is the registered business of Nathan Stout. Through this entity he and his friends Chris McGinty, and Miguel Cruz work on various creative projects. Mr. Cruz and Mr. McGinty have co-produced: the Sniffles (sniff) public access show which aired in Fort Worth, Texas between 1997 and 2001 on Fort Worth's Open Channel 46. The According to Whim internet talk show which has broadcast over the internet (occasionally) since 1999. In 2004 Chris McGinty and Nathan Stout created According To Whim, the public access show for Fort Worth Public Access Television. Mr. Stout and Mr. McGinty co-own Renegade Anime, a Japanese import model business that sells online and at conventions. The two also write books, scripts, blogs, and design games. Mr. Cruz and Mr. McGinty run the video production side of ATW Productions which includes filiming weddings, corporate videos, and more.

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Why Advertise On Our Sites?

Aside from the obvious that we would rather you advertise here than somewhere else...

We feel the biggest mistake internet companies make is spending money and resources they don't have, and very often in abundance. Whether it's loans, personal savings, or simply devoting time without pay, non-renewing resources will eventually destroy any company.

On the other side of this is the resources that the advertisers waste on sites that are not constantly updated and advertised. Many times with these sites the advertiser doesn't pay unless there are clicks on their banner or sales related to the banner. This is great as an up front investment, but think about the time resources spent initiating this advertising. In the long run one site that performs well will be better than one hundred sites that become ignored projects.

For some reason the internet is one of the few mediums for information business where the product is made available before the writers, artists, and company workers are paid. It's no wonder so many companies are failing.

Our sites will grow as our resources grow, so that we don't find ourselves suddenly broke wondering what happened. By paying content contributors we will ensure that the content is high quality, and the contributors will be proud to be a part of our community. By using a portion of the advertising dollars to advertise our own site we will consistently bring in new viewers who will see your advertising.

In summary a small initial investment will provide for our success, which may provide years of advertising for you company.
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Fort Worth, Texas - Video Production and so much more.. invest in the future!
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